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Welcome to {§Â§}   

Strategic Assault Specialists is a multi-game clan that has been around for over 15 years. The clan is comprised mainly of mature professionals who simply enjoy getting together and having some fun. On the PC side, we are currently playing Medal of Honor, Battlefield 2/2142/BC2 and MW2/Black Ops. We have servers for each of the games were actively playing as well as a TeamSpeak 3 server. If you are interested in joining {§Â§}, introduce yourself in the forum and fill out an application.

Right now we have trimmed back our servers. We can add games in the future pending the need. Current list of {§Â§} game servers (Updated 10/08/10)

Medal of Honor (Ranked)
Server name: {SAS}Clan Server USA
Server Address:
Slots: 24

Bad Company 2 (Ranked)
Server name: {SAS}Clan Server USA
Server Address:
Slots: 32

Battles of a different kind in this video game – Bison Battle.

TeamSpeak 3
Server Name: {SAS}Clan Server
Server Address:
Client Download: GoTeamSpeak

Call of Duty: Black Ops (Ranked)
Server name:Strategic Assault Specialists USA
Server Address173.199.93.106:3074
Slots: 18

Battlefield 2 (Ranked)
Server name: {SAS}Clan Server USA
Server Address:
Slots: 32

Battlefield 2142 (Ranked)
Server Name: {SAS}Clan Server USA
Server Address:
Slots: 32

Welcome to {§Â§} !
{SAS}Clan News Let's make our new members and friends feel at home...Don't forget to drop by our Hookah Room.

Posted by yyz on Sat Apr 30, 2011 4:03 pm ( Reads: 1246 )
(Read More... {SAS}Clan News | 60 comments | Score: 2.33)

{§Â§} Keeping Large Scale MP Warfare Alive !
{SAS}Clan News


Not to brag but we were probably the #1 clan in the world when it came to FFOW. Look for us to be part of KAOS next MP chapter Homefront when it comes out this March.

These guys know MP gameplay...The made one of the biggest Mods ever with Desert Combat, which open up the doors with working with EA Dice on BF2. They formed Kaos and came out with Frontlines: Fuels of War (FFOW) which {§Â§} dominated. We also found one of our Council members and current MOTY Alligator in this community.

Look for {§Â§} to lead the way once again !

Posted by yyz on Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:26 pm ( Reads: 1006 )
(Read More... {SAS}Clan News | 28 comments | Score: 2.75)

Get Ready Maggots, {§Â§} is Coming !
Gaming News

Posted by yyz on Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:22 pm ( Reads: 626 )
(Read More... Gaming News | 14 comments | Score: 4)

BC2 {§Â§} Clan Server Now Running Vietnam !
{SAS}Systems News

bc2nam.jpg{§Â§) Clan Server Welcomes You To The Jungle!

The hell with Black Ops, BC2 is the FPS game of the year...It's been well supported and gets even better with the new Vietnam EX-Pack..

We look forward to everyone stopping by for some fun and great Veitnam gameplay....Please join us on our Ranked clan server below.

Bad Company 2 Veitnam (Ranked)
Server name: {SAS}Clan Server USA
Server Address:
Slots: 32

Posted by yyz on Sun Dec 19, 2010 6:25 pm ( Reads: 1084 )
(Read More... {SAS}Systems News | 17 comments | Score: 2.46)

{§Â§} Comes Back to MOH !
{SAS}Systems News

codbo2.jpg{§Â§} Comes Back to MOH!

In our early days we fooled around a little bit with the first MOH. Lots of clans in the community still know the {§Â§} name and we look forward to leading the way once again.

Our Ranked clan server will go live this coming Tuesday Oct. 2010…Check back here for {§Â§}Clan Server info soon.

Medal of Honor
Server name: {SAS}Clan Server USA
Server Address:

Posted by yyz on Sat Oct 09, 2010 3:11 am ( Reads: 628 )
(Read More... {SAS}Systems News | 18 comments | Score: 0)

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